two minute technique


I can get Opie to do almost anything if it is just for two minutes. I just have to figure out what she needs to do.

Back before we chucked the Corelli, she needed to learn to slur from B to C sharp without a bump.

During band camp, she needed to learn high D.

I started setting a timer for two minutes and have her practice the desired skill. For B to C sharp, Teacher had explained what to do. For high D, I had her practice going from different notes (F, G etc) to high D, since this was how it appeared in her piece.

This approach has been working pretty well, she does more repeats than she would if I just told her to do it a given number of times. Her high D is now smooth enough that it sounds just like another note.

So I’m trying to figure out more specific things she can work on this way, as a regular part of her practice sessions. Today’s lesson suggested there are several to pull from in the A flat major scale: D flat to E flat, forked F to G, C to D flat.

I’d love more suggestions for my list—add them in the comments below!

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