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15 minutes of fame

fireworks two

I’m famous!

Well, sort of — hard to be too famous as an “unnamed mom.” 🙂

But still pretty cool. Thanks Bret Pimentel! (And check out his blog, it’s a good one.)




For today’s main course we will be serving up a hearty serving of alphabet soup, as I try to work through which music exam is most appropriate for Opie.

There are two main contenders where we live. Neither is based in the US – Continue reading

all about that figured bass

loeillet cover

One of the best parts of being a parent is how your childrens’ interests shape and enhance your own life. Because of Opie and her sister, I know now more about gymnastics and American Girl dolls than I ever expected knowing, as well as guinea pigs and flower fairies.

The oboe has come with its own sets of interests branching off into the unknown. Continue reading