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the right spin

Occasionally I get it right.

This afternoon, Opie came home from school and almost immediately plunked herself in front of the piano. She practiced her pieces, her cadences, and played some old favorites. She even called me over several times to demonstrate a special piece or to show how she had something memorized.

This was all great. I’m quite happy she is enjoying this and I love peeking in the living room and seeing her engrossed in her music.

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the challenge deck

The Challenge deck is the latest in our intricate system of practicing rewards. Opie gets to decide if she wants to do a challenge at the start of practice, and if so, draws a card. If she completes the challenge, she gets a round token good toward purchase of an app for my phone. She’s enjoying the change-up in routine and has completed every one for over a week.

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can you play ugly or play nice?

Today Opie was kind of goofing around during practice. One of the things she likes to do is to play her music with as ugly a tone as she can produce – and it can get pretty ugly. Many spots off key, notes die off like they have been stabbed, just generally ugly.

So I made a deal with her. She played each of her pieces twice: once as ugly as she could, once with as nice a tone as she can.

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