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fox hunting

Photo Feb 28, 2 11 03 PM

Thought I had a live one. I really did. A used Fox 330 for an excellent price.

Until this afternoon when Opie pointed out that it did not have left F or banana keys.

Now trying to undo the transaction. Oboe upgrade will have to wait, and next time I will consult with the expert first.

the right spin

Occasionally I get it right.

This afternoon, Opie came home from school and almost immediately plunked herself in front of the piano. She practiced her pieces, her cadences, and played some old favorites. She even called me over several times to demonstrate a special piece or to show how she had something memorized.

This was all great. I’m quite happy she is enjoying this and I love peeking in the living room and seeing her engrossed in her music.

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small triumphs


A small triumph for this week.

I had to fill out a “Hopes and Dreams” sheet for Opie’s teacher. An annual ritual, it asks a bunch of questions about what you, the parent, are thinking of for the coming year for your child. The kids usually read the sheet on the way to school, so you have to be careful about what you write and how you phrase it. But it can also be an opportunity to make them think.

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