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just three words


A practicing success today: Opie reviewed the notes from yesterday’s lesson before playing each piece. But we kind of cheated in how it was done.

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For today’s main course we will be serving up a hearty serving of alphabet soup, as I try to work through which music exam is most appropriate for Opie.

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the power of music

Photo Aug 15, 8 18 01 PM

I brought Opie and her sister to another impromptu summer concert this evening, this one just for fun. Run by students as an annual fundraiser for Partners in Health, it featured an eclectic mix of music including pop, jazz, blues, Beatles and more. The audience brings their own lawn chairs and the concert takes place in a backyard.

We had an excellent time despite some stops and starts because of the weather. But while the girls were enjoying the music, I was in awe of the event and what it involved: Continue reading

all about that figured bass

loeillet cover

One of the best parts of being a parent is how your childrens’ interests shape and enhance your own life. Because of Opie and her sister, I know now more about gymnastics and American Girl dolls than I ever expected knowing, as well as guinea pigs and flower fairies.

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