breaking the impasse

Photo Jul 24, 11 18 06 PM

We chucked the Corelli. That’s all it took.

There had been more balks during practice sessions this week, all centered around the Corelli-Barbirolli Concerto. She can play it – I’ve heard her – but she thinks she can’t play it. Or play it well enough.

It was picked as a challenge piece for her, it’s pushing her rhythmically and technically. It’s a beautiful piece and has a lot to offer. But apparently too much for Opie right now. And I couldn’t come up with an incentive or rationale that would help her push through.

I emailed Teacher; he agreed that there was no point in continuing at this time, so the Corelli was put back on the shelf and we picked out a few new pieces in Gekeler.

She’s back practicing, I’m happy she’s practicing, and now I’m going to start googling how to best manage perfectionist tendencies.

But in the meantime she’s still playing.

[Photo credit: altered from’s original; license]

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