oboe birthday

Photo Sep 13, 6 27 04 PM

Opie just passed the one year mark with the oboe.

Here’s a list of traditional oboe anniversary gifts by year:

Year One – Reeds
Year Two – Reeds
Year Three – Reeds
Year Four – Reeds
Year Five – New Oboe, or Reeds
Year Six – Sheet Music, or Reeds
Year Seven – Reeds
Year Eight – Reed Knives, Cane, or Reeds
Year Nine – Suitcase, Cane, or Reeds
Year Ten – Scholarship, Cane, or Reeds
Year Eleven – Reed Knives, or Cane
Year Twelve – Cor Anglais, or Cane
Year Fifteen – Baroque Oboe, or Cane
Year Twenty – Custom Oboe, or Cane

Good thing I ordered those new reeds yesterday!

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