the power of music

Photo Aug 15, 8 18 01 PM

I brought Opie and her sister to another impromptu summer concert this evening, this one just for fun. Run by students as an annual fundraiser for Partners in Health, it featured an eclectic mix of music including pop, jazz, blues, Beatles and more. The audience brings their own lawn chairs and the concert takes place in a backyard.

We had an excellent time despite some stops and starts because of the weather. But while the girls were enjoying the music, I was in awe of the event and what it involved: a talented organizer who wanted to do something to make a difference, almost 50 kids spending months working together to rehearse the numbers, the setting up of publicity, sound & lighting, and more. We saw kids play trombones, tuba, trumpet, sax, guitars, violins, viola, cello, bass, guitars, and drums. (But no oboes. Yet.)

My hope is that along with the songs, the girls absorbed the idea that making music is
not just limited to school assignments or lessons. Rather, it can be spending time with your friends, enjoyment and sharing, and maybe even some opportunities to make the world a better place.

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