best laid plans

Photo Jul 29, 8 17 06 PM

We went to one of the free summer concerts today: Longwood Symphony Orchestra at the Hatch Shell on the Esplanade playing “The Firebird” and “Gaîté Parisienne.” I was determined to make it a success — checked for oboe parts, found out how long the pieces last, looked up the stories of the ballets so we could read while we listened, and maybe appreciate the music a little more. Brought a picnic and blanket. I was looking forward to it because I’m not sure I have ever heard either of these.

Except when we got there the program had totally changed.

So instead we heard pieces from Sylvia, Coppélia, La Gioconda, and Rodeo. But for oboe lovers luckily the last selections were from Swan Lake. We were able to hear one oboe solo before we had to head home for bed.

We also heard a lot of cars and people talking. The music was amplified, which was good because we were near the back, but it could have been a little louder. I like the idea of summer concerts but don’t think they are the best if you are actually trying to hear all the music. If we go again we’ll try to get closer to the front, and we won’t have as high expectations for the music.

But all in all it was a success, even if not according to plan. The take-home message for Opie was that classical music can be fun. Just what I want her to be thinking.

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