band camp

Today was Opie’s second day of a week-long band camp. Just 1.5 hrs a day, with a short performance at the end. As best I can tell, it is going well. It’s difficult to sort out music-related comments from “boys are annoying” ones, and since she is the only girl, there are a lot of annoying boys.

She got her music on Friday, was able to do a few run-throughs over the weekend, and felt reasonably prepared on Monday.

I’m happy camp is working out well. She had seemed quite worried about it over the last few weeks, wondering how difficult the music would be, what part she would play, how everything would work. Many more questions than I ever heard before her recital.

But now that it’s actually happening, all I’ve heard are a few comments about sometimes having a hard time figuring out where exactly they are in the music, and then she starts in on stories about the annoying boys.

Trumpet boy 1: my mouthpiece is smelly.
Trumpet boy 2: it’s not your mouthpiece, it’s your breath!
Flute boy: you put your mouth ON your mouthpiece? Ewww!
And on and on….

Clearly it will be a very educational week.

There are some musical challenges – she’s never played in an ensemble before, she needs to play third octave D for one piece,  some of the rhythms are not straightforward, she has to learn 6 new pieces in a week. We’ve got a quick lesson lined up for tomorrow for extra help. In the meantime, I love watching how she is approaching this week so maturely, doing run-throughs of tricky bits in the afternoons before camp, getting all her gear together, understanding that she has to pay close attention during rehearsal. For so long she’s been my little one, but now I can see the big kid that she has become.

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