the challenge deck

The Challenge deck is the latest in our intricate system of practicing rewards. Opie gets to decide if she wants to do a challenge at the start of practice, and if so, draws a card. If she completes the challenge, she gets a round token good toward purchase of an app for my phone. She’s enjoying the change-up in routine and has completed every one for over a week.

I have tried to craft the challenges toward several objectives: learning some practicing skills, making practicing fun, but especially working toward her upcoming recital, to get her comfortable doing some of the things she’ll need to do.

Here’s what we’ve got so far:

  • Say the name of each practice piece loud enough to register 65 decibels on the sound meter.
  • Play 5 of your practice pieces standing up.
  • Play one of your songs for a friend, or two songs = two tokens.
  • Do an audio recording of the song of your choice.
  • Play a piece for your sister.
  • Record a difficult section that you are working on (+ metronome) and listen to it — how are you doing?
  • Do a video recording of the song of your choice.
  • Your practice today will be 1) scales and 2) 5 to 10 fun songs, each played twice (5 if you pick longer songs, 10 if they are all shorter). From Oboe for Kids, your music or anything you like.

Opie’s sister is quite intrigued and has started her own list of challenges: play a piece for your guinea pigs; play a piece wearing a hat and scarf, etc.

What would your challenges be?

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