our first concert was a bomb

For the audience seated behind us, that is. My apologies to all of you.

Last week we went to the BYSO Preparatory Wind and Reperatory Orchestra performance at Kresge Auditorium. She had done so well at everything we’ve gone to so far that it hadn’t even occurred to me that this was a big step up.

I had checked online about what was to be played, and length, but there was no info available. We got there early; we had a program but it didn’t occur to me to check how long the pieces were going to be.

And we did so many things wrong – she had already had a couple hours of just sitting in church that day, no good outdoor play time because of the pouring rain. Bedtime was hitting right around the middle of the concert. The final blow was not realizing that she needed to move around A LOT during intermission.

The Sibelius had barely started when the fidgets began. No noise, just trying to stretch, to move. Feet pressing against the seats in front (luckily no one anywhere nearby).

In retrospect we should have made our exit here. But we were trapped on the exit side by a disabled elderly couple, so I opted to stick it out. The fidgets continued. I tried to calm her as best I could, but it was probably distracting to the few people seated behind us. Luckily we totally out of the sight line of the conductor, and didn’t seem to be disturbing any of the performers.

Again, to anyone sitting behind us, I’m so sorry.

Next time:
– if can’t get info beforehand, at least google how long the pieces are once we get the program
– sit way in the back by the aisle
– strongly consider leaving at the intermission
– bring fidget toys

On the good side, she wants to go again, but thinks we need to stretch more at intermission. And we had ice cream on the way home.

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